For Adults

For people with busy schedules

For Adults

For people with busy schedules

 General languages

Our General Language courses will help you develop the confidence and skills to communicate in day-to-day situations. This will allow you to feel comfortable using language to read, write, listen, and speak.

 Business English

Our Business English courses are designed for professionals looking to improve their English language abilities in the areas of: technical language, presentations, email writing, conference calls, negotiation, team building and meeting management. These courses develop the necessary skills needed to grow and compete in today´s business world.

 Legal English

Our Legal English course is recommended for upper intermediate or advanced students interested in legal English and vocabulary. Usually offered to lawyers, it is a well-designed course focused on facilitating the analysis of complex legal syntax and vocabulary in English.

 International exam preparation (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)

Our International Exam Preparation courses are designed for students interested in preparing for international exams in order to certify their English and be able to study or live abroad (required for most post-secondary and post-graduate education programs). A high level of English is required in order to prepare for these types of tests. These courses develop the 4 areas of language: writing, reading, listening and speaking.

 English for specific purpose

Our ESP courses focus on developing specific vocabulary such as: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Tourism, IT, among others. High priority is given to grammar and vocabulary knowledge and understanding. These skills are reinforced through conversation and writing exercises.


Our translation services are available for anyone needing Spanish-English / English-Spanish translation of documents, contract, reports, or any other types of written-audiovisual material. We pride ourselves on providing high quality translations in a quick and orderly fashion.


Our personal interpretation services help facilitate communication in real-time and effectively covers situations such as training courses, negotiations, conference, and business meetings, among others.

Empower Language Consultants

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Empower Language Consultants
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